The mission of the Journal of Sports and Performance Vision is to encourage research and scholarship relative to the human visual system and its integration into neurological processing and output through the dissemination of peer reviewed research, studies, and manuscripts. The aim is to validate and broaden the scope of research in vision performance science. This open access journal serves as a platform for vision and performance scientist throughout the world to share the latest and most influential information available.

This interprofessional publication will draw from all fields of science choosing studies based on importance, impact, timeliness, and originality. This publication will serve all areas of science and encourages submissions both nationally and internationally.


Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): JSPV

Published: 2021-02-02

Analysis of Color-Specific Visual Processing Speed Differences in Division 1 College Football Players

A Retrospective Chart Analysis

Joseph F. Clark, Bradley T. Jacobs, Bret E. Betz, Mashal Akhter, Kimberly A. Hasselfeld, Robert E. Mangine, Jon G. Divine


The Effects of Presbyopia on Performance Vision

Derek Cunningham, Keith Smithson, Amanda Nanasy, Fraser Horn, Logan Kaleta


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ISSN: 2563-3236